Special Educational Needs


At Cheeky Monkeys we strongly believe that all children have the right to the same opportunities and it is the role of the setting to make that possible. We make adaption’s and offer one to one care to ensure that all children are included.

Staff keep up to date with the latest training and legislation on SEND to maintain our standards and to remain inclusive.

We use various techniques and support models for all children to assist them with their development, confidence and behaviour.

All children are screened with WELLCOMM speech therapy tool when they have settled into Cheeky Monkeys. This highlights any early intervention needed whether it being in-house or by accessing outside agencies.

We use Sounds of Play and Makaton as a universal language to embed routines and scaffold our Cultural Capital. This reinforces language development of less verbal children or those who have English as a second language.

How are the 30 hours are delivered?

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