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Please look on the room doors for more information if you wish for a copy please as a member of staff.

Sad goodbyes…

This month we say sad goodbyes to Megan, Arjun, Imogen and Kimmy who are having a break before they head off to big school. We are so sad to see them leave and we wish them lots of luck in their new schools.

Welcome to Cheeky Monkeys…

George, Roba, Amirah and welcome back Anaya

Children moving rooms

It’s that time of year again when a number of children are moving rooms. If your child has moved rooms or is due to move rooms you should have received a comic book and staff will have spoken to you about your child’s transition. The nursery transition worker is Chloe Walker so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to speak with her.


Ra’Shayah and Tydaine,


As part of our Startwell programme we are encouraging parents/carers to download the Change 4 Life apps which is available on i-phone and android phones. We would specifically recommend the Sugar Smart app which will allow you to monitor your child’s sugar intake and the Fun Generator app which gives you ideas for indoor and outdoor physical movement and activities with your child.


Please can parents/carers remember to telephone Nursery by 10:30am if your child has not yet arrived at Nursery but you require a dinner to be saved for them. If we do not receive a telephone call we shall assume your child will not require a dinner.

Please can we also re-iterate that parents/carers are NOT to let other parents/carers/visitors into Nursery. Please shut the door behind you when you leave nursery and ask anybody standing at the door to ring the bell to be let in by a member of Management.

Please can parents/carers ensure that they bring in enough nappies and wipes for the nursery day as some children will use more than 3-4 nappies a day. Nursery will always have a supply of nappies however parents/carers will be charged 50p per nappy used.

Please can parents ensure that their children have changes of clothes and underwear at nursery. Often children will have wet accidents or get dirty having fun in the garden and require a change of clothes.

Cheeky Monkeys promotes learning through play and having fun. Sometimes this may involve the children getting messy and dirty and therefore parents are reminded not to send children in their best clothes because they are likely to get ruined.

Payment of Nursery fees: Parents are reminded that payment needs to be made every Monday or the first day of the week that your child attends. Fees that are not paid at the beginning of your child’s week in nursery will incur a 10% late charge and this is not negotiable. If your nursery fees remain outstanding the following week your child will not be permitted into nursery without the full outstanding payment and the additional late charge being made.

All holiday periods and absence due to sickness will need to be paid in full. This also is not negotiable.

Cheeky Monkeys Day Nursery



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